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Does Creatine Actually Work And Is It Safe?

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Road Trip From Dubai To Fujairah | Exploring The UAE

What I got up to during my time in Fujairah and driving across the United Arab Emirates.

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Top 3 Thing you need to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Top 3 Things You Need To Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Learn how to change your body and achieve your fitness goals!
DIET RESOURCES: (How to set up a diet plan) (Cutting Guide)

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The 4 BEST Glute Exercises For A Nicer Butt (GYM OR HOME!) Ft. Bret Contreras

When it comes to how to grow your glutes, you need to first realize that you can experience much more overall growth and strength in the different glute regions (e.g. gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus) by implementing the right variety of glutes exercises in your glute workout. The best glutes exercises and butt exercises will vary individually but generally, to grow the glutes, you’ll want to ensure that you’re training them with at least one exercise from each of the following 4 categories: thrust/bridge exercise; squat/lunge exercise; hinge/pull exercise; abduction movement. To help us out with choosing the respective appropriate exercises, we’ll rely on the expertise of Bret Contreras, aka the Glute Guy. A well known published researcher and author, who initially popularized the hip thrust. Here’s what he recommended.

Going into the first category of a thrust or bridge movement, Bret prefers the hip thrust, with a pause at the top. To really grow the glutes, he advises a horizontal torso at lockout, neutral or posterior tilted hips and squeeze glutes hard, and vertical shins at top. The main thing is avoid overextending and excessive anterior pelvic tilt. A suitable home alternative that Bret recommends would be the single leg hip thrust, with your back resting on a bench, couch, or any elevated platform.

Going into the squat lunge movement for the lower glutes and quads, Bret recommends the walking dumbbell lunge as one of the best glutes exercises. You should take a stride length such that your shin angle at the bottom of movement is just slightly forward so that the front of your knee lines up with the front of your shoes. And you’re going to lean your torso a little bit, but not too much (around ~20 degree torso lean). Also focus on pushing through the heel and avoid letting the hips shoot up. A suitable home alternative would be the deficit reverse lunge, where you elevate your front foot onto any elevated platform.

Next, for the hinge or pull movement for the lower glutes (gluteus maximus) and hamstrings, Bret recommends the 45-degree hyperextension. There are 2 ways to do this exercise. One is the neutral feet, neutral spine. That’s going to work the hamstrings, glutes, and erectors really well. If you’re trying to bias the glutes however, you’ll want to round over at the spine fully. This shuts down the erectors (lower back), which makes it now a pure glutes/hamstring movement. Turning out the feet to 45 degrees also creates higher glutes activation. And as far as alternatives, something like reverse hyperextensions done on a bench or even a countertop would be suitable.

Lastly, we have the abduction movement for the upper glutes (gluteus medius), and Bret recommends the bodyweight side lying hip raise. To do this, start in a side plank position on your elbow with your hips and knees on the ground. Then you push through the grounded knee, push as tall as you can and aim to achieve maximal hip separation. When you’re at the top, drive the hips forward and at the bottom sink the hips back. Another great alternative for this is the seated banded hip abductions. Here you wrap a mini-band around your knees, and perform reps of pushing your knees out by using your upper glutes. Perform 10-15 reps with your back straight up, 10-15 reps with your back bent over, and then another 10-15 reps with a lean back.

Here’s how to grow your glutes with the various recommended exercises mentioned (with sets and reps):

1) Thrust/Bridge Category (Upper & Lower Glutes)

Paused Barbell Hip Thrust: 4 sets of 8 reps (with 3s pause)Alternative = Single Leg Hip Thrust

2) Squat/Lunge Category (Lower Glutes + Quads)

Walking DB Lunge: 3 sets of 20 reps (10 steps each leg)
Alternative = Deficit DB Reverse Lunge

3) Hinge/Pull Category (Lower Glutes + Hamstrings)

DB 45 Degree Hyperextension: 3 sets of 15 reps
Alternative = Reverse Hyperextensions

4) Abduction (Upper Glutes)

Side Lying Hip Raise: 3 sets of 12 reps
Alternative = Seated Banded Hip Abduction

You can add these exercises into your weekly routine as needed, or even perform it as a complete lower body workout on its own. But hopefully you were able to see that to speed up your results and train efficiently, you need to play close attention to both the exercises you include in your routine, but also how you perform them. And for a complete step-by-step science-based program that shows you exactly how to train, eat, and recover week after week to maximize your results, then simply take the analysis quiz to discover which science-based program would be best for you and where your body is currently at below:


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How to Feel Amazing EVERY Day (JUST DO THIS!)

If you have been looking for stretches that will help you to start feeling loose, flexible fast, and will let you feel amazing every day then these are the ones you need. None of these movements will take you any longer than a minute to perform and they can all be performed in your home without any equipment at all. Everyone can do these four stretches no matter what level of ability or flexibility you have right now.

The key to any effective stretching program is to make sure you include both static stretches and dynamic stretches.

In these four stretch daily flexibility routine you have two of each.

The first of these is the most important, so if you are short on time this is the one that you are going to want to make sure you prioritize. This is called the bridge and reach over. This dynamic stretch starts with a good glute activation by driving your feet into the ground and lifting your butt up into a bridge position. Not all stretches have to be done passively. The active contraction of the glutes will actually help to accentuate the stretch placed on the hip flexors on the front side of the joint and increase your range of motion.

This is incredibly important for people that have tight hip flexors from sitting down all day.

Beyond this however we get the benefit of upper body flexibility as well. The reaching of the arm up and across the body will improve shoulder mobility as well as the tightness we often feel in the posterior deltoid on the back of the shoulder. The reaching also promotes thoracic rotation. This is something that doesn’t get worked enough. Often times, people will try and increase back rotation in error through the lumbar spine. This is not what you want. Instead, look for ways to twist through the middle portion of your spine like this and you will feel better very quickly.

The goal is to perform 10-15 reps to each side and then move onto the second stretch in this daily flexibility routine.

The next stretch is called the QL slide. This is going to help anyone out there that has suffered from muscular low back pain. The Quadratus Lumborum or hip hiker muscle is often times relegated to chronic stiffness and tightness from never being adequately stretched. This easy to perform movement is going to do a great job stretching this low back muscle.

Simply drop a leg back and use your arms to prop up your body into a side bent position. Try and maintain this position for 30-45 seconds each side and look to feel the stretch most in the outside area of your lower back just around your waistline. To increase the difficulty of the stretch even more you can allow the other leg to slide out a bit which will place more stretch on the adductors of the hips.

The third stretch is called the side pretzel stretch. This is an amazing one for the hips and back but also helps to increase shoulder and upper torso mobility and flexibility as well. Start by laying on your left side and grabbing your left ankle with your right hand. Pull back until you feel a stretch on the quads. From here, grab the top knee with the opposite hand and try to pull the knee down towards the floor without letting your hips rotate too much (which would shift the stretch to the low back in error).

Finally, we have a dynamic stretch called the NSFW. It’s named this because this is simply something you don’t really want to be doing at work since it will likely raise some eyebrows. That said, it will fit perfectly when performed in the gym especially as a squat warmup or in preparation to do a sumo deadlift.

The key is to open up the hips and place the feet in a frog position with the insides of the feet flat against the floor. You should feel a big stretch on the hip adductors and rotators in the bottom position of the stretch. Hold for a brief 2 second pause and then repeat for a total of 10-15 repetitions.

The key to any good stretching routine is that you can perform the stretches without any equipment in a limited amount of space. Once you do just a few sets of these you will see just how amazing you can actually feel with such a small time investment. If possible, incorporate all 4 stretches into your daily routine and let me know how it helps you.

If you are looking for a complete workout routine and meal plan to compliment your flexibility and mobility routine, be sure to head to and check out the program selector tool. It will take you just minutes to find the exact plan that fits your current goals and will help you to build ripped athletic muscle quickly.

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The Best Time to Eat Protein for Muscle Growth (not what you think!)

There are mixed opinions on whether or not there is best time to eat protein. Some believe that consuming enough total protein daily will suffice, while others believe protein should be consumed every few hours or at specific times of the day.

Hearing that will likely bring two camps to your mind: the intermittent fasting crowd, who may only eat twice per day, and the old school bodybuilders who walked around with Tupperware containers full of chicken breast and broccoli.

This video will answer 3 main questions using scientific research to come up with practical recommendations.

First, how much total protein do you need per day to maximize muscle mass?

Second, does it matter how often you consume protein throughout the day?

And lastly, is there any additional benefit to eating protein at specific times?







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How We Train With Heavy Legs | Tight Technical Session

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2:02-4:34 – 4v2 Rondo
4:34-6:04 – Trapezoid Passing
6:04-9:31 – One Step Shooting
9:31-10:18 – Passing Pattern to Shot
10:18-11:34 – Two Touch
11:34-12:55 – Training Overview
12:55-13:44 – Lunch
13:44-15:38 – Upper Body Workout
15:38-16:30 – Mobility
16:30-17:10 – Snow
17:10-18:50 – Afternoon Chilling
18:50-19:11 – Dinner
19:11-20:33 – Outro

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Bands and Chains Explained (The Science of Variable/Accommodating Resistance)

Looking to learn how to set up bands or chains? Are you trying to find out if bands or chains are beneficial? Want to use bands or chains for more explosiveness? Accommodating resistance is a method of using variable resistance. In this video we explain the science behind accommodating resistance and give you ways to use it.

Introduction (0:00)
What is accommodating resistance? (1:30)
Accommodating research (1:50)
Considerations (2:50)
How & why I use accommodating resistance (2:30)
How to set up accommodating resistance (7:17)
Summary: (8:31)

MASS Research Review:
Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.
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Why a DEEP Squat may be Destroying Your Hips

#1 muscle In Your Body that is the Key to Eliminating Joint & Back Pain, Anxiety & Looking Fat

Gain True Strength & Get Ripped WITHOUT Weights

Dr Moses Bernard visits the Critical Bench Compound to show you how you MAY be destroying your hips by squatting too deep or forcing yourself into positions where you’re weak.

That’s right, our bodies are not all capable of getting into the same deep squat position. Some of us have tremendous joint mobility and others feel restricted and tight. But even if your joint mobility is great, you may still be weak in your end ranges of motion and could be putting yourself in jeopardy with your weighted squat workouts.

In this video listen and watch as Dr Moses explains and demonstrates the best ways to find out what your squat SHOULD look like for you. Of course, over time you can improve your squat depth if it’s not where you want it to be…. but having a benchmark, a starting point to determine that is necessary. This video will help you realize WHERE and HOW DEEP you should be going based on your personal mobility.

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A Fresh Graduate’s Job Hunt In A Recession

Like the rest of the class of 2020, Margaret Anthony graduated into the worst recession Singapore has seen since independence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) graduate spent months before and after graduation hunting in vain for a design-related job, using job portals such as LinkedIn,, and

Then she turned to the SGUnited Traineeships Programme that was launched to boost the employability of fresh graduates like herself. And a traineeship offer came – unexpectedly – from port operator PSA.

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How My Tour Company Survived The Pandemic
Former Singapore Airlines Air Steward Turns to Baking Basque Burnt Cheesecakes After Retrenchment:


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